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Word from SDCC

A back and forth from two people at the con:

25/07/07 19:36 EMAIL: will someone please explain how to tell the difference between the gaiman fans & the ellis fans?

25/07/07 22:10 TXT: gaiman fans have given up smoking. ellis fans recently started again.

26/07/07 01:15 TXT: mainly warren's fans are assholes, whereas neil's just cry a lot

26/07/07 01:22 EMAIL: Gaiman fans self harm because of their inner turmoil. Ellis fans self harm cos it's bitchin

Via http://markandrich.googlepages.com/sandiegodreaming


... Warren Ellis looks a lot younger in person. *cough* At least he's making good use of his free red bull.

The boy is now reading the autographed copy of Doktor Sleepless he got. I can't wait to check it out :D
the only comic book that comes out tommorrow that i am going to buy is doctor sleepless...

i am looking forward to it a lot.

Crooked Little Vein

Read chapter one for free.

Then buy it, wankers.


Jul. 20th, 2007

I expect that some of you will be attending Comic-Con International in San Diego next week. If you do, I fully insist that you post photos of Warren to the community. Because we need them.... for things. Fully innocuous and completely innocent things... *cough*

Yes, G4 is not known for its hard hitting journalistic tendencies, but at least they try. And try they do with wonky camera angles, jarring music, strange attention span erasing editing, and a review of Black Summer.

everybody's hiding something

does anyone have any speculations as to how fell might've been transfered across the bridge?

it could be anything really, but what would you come to expect... something crazy or something more or less obvious?

Get the cell cleaned up at Guantanimo

Don't let the terrorists win.
You are either with us or against us.

I was told to bring this here...

You can all blame kittydoom over at cat_macros for this.
cut for a delay while I make good my escapeCollapse )

and if you read this Mr Ellis, just be thankful I didn't post it to your journal!

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