Osama Bin Mousen?

But where's Anthrax cat?

Palestinians shelve 'martyr mouse' kids show
POSTED: 5:42 a.m. EDT, May 10, 2007

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- After an episode made global headlines earlier this week, the Palestinian government has shelved a Hamas-owned children's TV show starring a Mickey Mouse lookalike that urged Palestinian children to take up arms against America and Israel.

The show, "Tomorrow's Pioneers," aired in Gaza on Al-Aqsa TV station, which is owned by Hamas -- an Islamic militant group that controls the Palestinian government and has called for the destruction of Israel.

The show featured a host dressed in a giant black-and-white mouse costume with a striking resemblance to Walt Disney's iconic cartoon character, Mickey Mouse. Except this mouse, "Farfour," danced with an imaginary gun in his gloved hands and encouraged kids to drink milk, study hard -- and engage in violent acts of "resistance" against their Israeli neighbors and America.

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yay. community post.

tommorrow i'm going to wake up a little early and drive all the way into old mandeville just to buy one comic.

because nothing else really comes out this week.

the little bit of books i get, usually i'd wait another week and catch a single book on the flipside. that way when i go to the comic shop i'm at least buying a good little stack of comics. makes it more worth my trouble.

that comic is warren ellis' run on THUNDERBOLTS...

which will have a lot of cool "talking"

my favorite thing about thunderbolts right now is... it's definately the "talking" parts.


but if they fight this time... that might be neat too.


i never thought i would like bullseye more than venom...

...or green goblin better without his mask.

i have this feeling it's gonna be awesome when MR OSBORNE masks up.

with his cinematic eye for storytelling, ellis has a way of making this shit pop up right at the exact best moment.

heh, green goblin is so gonna go nuts...

the pacing is killing me...

but it will be worth it.

Warren Macros?

kittydoom's last post got me thinking of an old photo I made a few months ago. Never thought to make a macro deal with it, but If you are so inclined..

Knock yourself out.


(Yes that is a real split headed cat, the cigarettes may not be genuine however)
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